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the artisanal craft of sourdough breads and fine pastries
About SAPA


SAPA is dedicated to the artisan craft of sourdough breads and fine pastries. The best Indian flours (partly milled in our own mill every day), our sourdough culture and a good amount of patience and love, give our loaves the distinct flavours of naturally leavened breads, each one shaped by hand for you.

SAPA was started by Dina Weber and is located in Mysore, Karnataka.

Meet the Team



Growing up in Germany naturally means, being surrounded by a big variety and heritage of bread. Ironically she had to come to India though to get hooked on sourdough. While travelling the country in 2015, she worked in a French bakery in Goa, where she met a baker from the UK. He asked her, if she could take care of his sourdough culture for a few days. The concept of sourdough was not new to her, but to actually touch it, take care of it and realise its aliveness lit a spark in her. She made her own starter, while working as a pastry chef in a cafe in Ladakh, travelled to Germany with it, milled her own flours to find more deep flavours in local grains, took it back to India and learned for 4 years about how this microcosmos behaves. 

She lives in Mysore with her partner Bala and their two year old daughter Martha.

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Veena has been with us at SAPA from the very beginning, seeing how we went from just a few orders a week to very busy and packed bake sales. As SAPA grew, Veena learnt fast and became a strong, hard working and independent team member. She is particularly passionate about all things sweet.


Varun is an old friend of Dina's, whom during her travels. Trained as a Maths and Science teacher, Varun takes great interest in a vast number of topics such as Sociology, Ecology and Cooking. He is also a jaw dropping musician, and you can hear him play the saxophone or bamboo flute after his baking shift.

Each bread is made with the best Indian flours partially milled in our own mill.

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